Create and Code is a technology education programme offered by Create Caribbean to encourage students aged 7-14 to engage multiple forms of digital literacy, including coding, game and app development, blogging and responsible social media use. Staff and interns at Create Caribbean offer one-day workshops, periodic weekend and week-long seminars, and summer workshops for students in this age range to explore the quickly evolving world of digital technology. 



Create and Code works with students to pair the skills of problem solving in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with critical thinking and creativity through the liberal arts. Our curriculum offers students skill building in specific software, programming languages or development tools with the goal of creating a final project that addresses an issue in their school or community. Whether building a web page, a game or a mobile app, students will be able to collaborate with teammates, identify problems and work with art, math, music, history and science toward solutions. They will then apply these skills to the design of a digital tool or resource for use by their peers and the general public. Create Caribbean interns, also Dominica State College students, design and teach the curriculum and mentor participants beyond the program cycles.

In a developing country like Dominica, expanding digital literacy is essential to economic and social development. Create Caribbean wants to encourage kids to engage with technology in positive ways, for education and imagination!